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How To Delete Telegram Account Permanently?

How to delete Telegram account: Step by step guide

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  • If you delete your account through the Telegram software, you probably won't succeed.
  • To delete a Telegram account, you need to follow these steps, using the Telegram site.
  • By deleting Telegram, all your information will be deleted.

Permanently Deleting a Telegram account is one of the ways to eliminate an account on this popular messenger. Deleting a Telegram account is possible both automatically and manually. People may think about deleting this messenger because of their work, education, or because of the harassment, they have been subjected to. In some cases, we see that people who have been Reported have thought of deleting their Telegram account, which in such cases, even the permanent deletion of the Telegram account is not beneficial for these people and will not remove them from the Report List.

Note that if you delete your Telegram account, all your data, channels, and groups will be eliminated forever and they won’t get returned when you reopen your account, also you’ll be considered as a new user. In this tutorial, we will teach you comprehensively how to step by step delete your Telegram account simply.

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Deleting Telegram account and its dilemmas

How To Delete Telegram Account
How To Delete Telegram Account?

Before we dive into explaining methods of permanently deleting your Telegram account, we have to mention these:

  • By deleting Telegram all your data will be lost Including
  • · All your channels and groups
  • · Your personal and private username
  • · The contacts you have added to your account
  • · All your private chats and messages 
  • · The archives you had And these data won’t get returned by reinstalling
  • Deleting a Telegram account does not affect your report
Deleted Telegram account Last seen a long time ago

Automatic deletion of Telegram account

One of the basic features of Telegram is deleting accounts that remained unused for a long time. If you do not use your account for a long time, that account will be closed automatically. This will delete accounts that are not active on this messenger. There are four possible ways to delete an account automatically. You can enter your account settings and select whichever you want.

We recommend that you choose the maximum possible time, which is one year.

  • One Month
  • three months
  • six months
  • One year

To do this, in the Android version of Telegram, you have to go to 

Settings Privacy and Security and then in the Advanced section, click on the Delete my account if away for option and select whichever you want. There are currently four options available for you to choose from.

Account self-destructs - automatic telegram account deletion
Account self-destructs

Delete Telegram account

If you wish to delete your account manually, you must first go to the Telegram account Delete link or for easier access, you can use the button below.

Using this link, you can directly enter the page where you want to delete your Telegram account. 

You will be taken to the following page where you can enter the mobile number you want to delete its account. Note that you must use the Country code at the beginning of your number. You do not need to do this if you’re using a virtual or a foreign country’s number.

input your mobile number for delete telegram account
input your mobile number for delete telegram account

At this stage, a code will be sent to your telegram. You must copy this code and enter it in the next field.

Note that this code is case sensitive.

input Verification code for delete telegram account
input Verification code for delete telegram account

Delete Account

If you have entered the code correctly after this step, you will enter a new page where you can select Delete Account.

Select the second option.

Delete Account option for deleting telegram account
Click on Delete Account

Then you will enter another page, which at the bottom you must select the Done button.

In this section, you will see a box titled why are you leaving? which asks you the reason for deleting the account. Filling this section is optional and if you wish so, you can enter text in it and state your reason for deleting the account you have. 

Why Delete Your Account?
Why Delete Your Account?

In the next tab, a message will be displayed for the final confirmation of deleting the Telegram account.

Asks if you’re sure about deleting your account.

In this section, you must click on the red Yes, delete my account button to delete your account with all its data with it.

are you sure delete your telegram account?
are you sure delete your telegram account?

The job is done and your Telegram account is permanently deleted.

If you faced any problem in the process of doing this or even if you have a question in this regard, let me know it in the comments section.

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